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Strength in numbers makes our democracy accountable to everyday Americans, and Working America members are exercising that strength. In face-to-face meetings with a dozen lawmakers across four states, we advocated for better health care, fair jobs and good pay on our first-ever National Lobby Day Series.

Javier Gonzales wins mayoral race in Santa Fe!

Throughout this election, we canvassed more than 12,000 homes and talked to more than 5,000 people to push for the election of Javier Gonzalez.

Because of all of your hard work, we’re pleased to announce that Gonzales is the new mayor-elect of Santa Fe!

Gonzales has proven to be strong on providing citizens a living wage, keeping the jobless rate down and providing quality education to school-aged children, issues that Working America members care about deeply.

This is a shared victory, as we couldn’t have done it without hardworking members like you.

Congrats, Mayor Gonzales!

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Statewide Minimum Wage Increase Fails

The statewide constitutional amendment to raise the minimum wage failed in the New Mexico House even though a majority of lawmakers voted for it.

The minimum wage bill lost by 3 votes in the house. Not one Republican voted for the increase.

Working America members have been fighting for a state-wide wage increase and will continue to.

For six months, Working America members have been mobilizing in support of a Santa Fe County ordinanc that raises the county minimum wage to $10.66 – matching the City of Santa Fe. Read more >>>


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